Pacific Gold Australia, Macadamia, Bundaberg
Food Standards and Quality

We endeavour to supply only the finest quality macadamias. Our processing facilities meet stringent ‘Australian Food Standard’ requirements.

All incoming Nut-In-Shell (NIS) is sampled, and tested for quality, prior to processing. Maximum thresholds for the presence of foreign matter, mould, discoloration, insect damage, germination, and immaturity are strictly monitored.

Subsequently, kernel that passes through the facility for grading to specification, sorting and/or roasting, is also uniformly sampled and checked at regular intervals in the processing chain, and prior to being dispatched to customer’s, for microbiological contaminants.

Factory Processing


We are BRC accredited and meet all the requirements of the Global Standard for Food Safety (Issue 7: January 2015)



We are a HACCP accredited food processing organisation.



We also adhere to strict WQA (Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard Certification) Food Standard requirements

Woolworths Quality

The following products of Pacific Gold Macadamias are kosher and pareve:

  • Raw Macadamia Kernel
  • Diced Macadamias
  • Granulated Macadamia Chips
  • Macadamia Meal
  • Dry Roasted Macadamia Kernels
  • Roasted Salted Macadamia Kernels